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About SQ-Travel by Design

In the interest of full disclosure,
I am obsessive about travel.

Working with a new client is invigorating.
Every itinerary presents opportunities to uncover new challenges and revel in the rewards that follow.
Yours will be no different as we consider your thoughts, wants and yearnings with the goal of exceeding all your expectations from Utah to Uganda to Uluru to Ulaanbaatar.


We’ll begin with a conversation that explores your wishes, your means and past travel experiences. From our initial collaboration to your return home, SQ–TbD will have covered every detail of your travel from start to finish.

Let our experience and enthusiasm inspire your next adventure. Even when we arrange for you to do nothing at all, the details make all the difference!


"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list."

Susan Sontag


A Note from Susan

I have been exploring the world ever since I can remember - often for business, but more often to sate my own greedy curiosity. So much so, that I have turned my passion into my profession.

At SQ-Travel by Design, we create wondrous travel and leave the memories to you.


Come - explore the possibilities with

SQ-Travel by Design!

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Susan Quillin

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"I have worked with this red all over the world - in Japan, California, France, Britain, Australia - a vein running round the earth. It has taught me about the flow, energy and life that connects one place with another."


Andy Goldsworthy, British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist.

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