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For travelers young and old, Europe is a treasure trove of incredible experiences. From the northernmost tip of Scandinavia to the richness of Mediterranean life and everything in-between, Europe will always inspire you to come back for more.





Is there a country with more variety and ambience than Italy? From North to South, Como to Amalfi, Italy has it all.


Venture to Sicily for delicious tomato dishes and the flowing Mediterranean. Head behind the scenes at Uffizi to glimpse restoration experts repairing an 15th century sculpture or, perhaps, a Tintoretto.


Susan Quillin has decades of travel experience in Italy from popular destinations to roads less travelled.



France is an explosion of the senses, worth coming back to again and again to best experience the country’s majesty.


First stop after the City of Lights? Maybe a lovely vineyard in Bordeaux or the charming, medieval Clermont-Ferrand, or a visit to the sandy, aromatic blue cheese caves of Auvergne. 


A dizzying juxtaposition of old and new greets adventurous travelers to the United Kingdom. Plan to stay swaddled in luxury in London's sprawling metropolis, or venture a bit off the beaten path to Scotland's rugged highlands or the stunning Welsh countryside. Stop for a pint on the way, plan to return soon.

No matter your destination, Britain's rich culture, incredible natural beauty and manmade spectacle will delight.

United Kingdom

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Among the myriad destinations along the Mediterranean, none holds a candle to Malta's extraordinary blend of time-gone-by and here-and-now.

Gozo, one of Malta's 21 islands, is an obscure treasure perfect for a full-on active holiday or do-nothing-at-all retreat. Care for an impromptu sail, a snorkel through Blue Lagoon or a colorful horserace, cocktail in hand? Malta has it all.



Europe's resort destination has an incredible array of riches to offer travelers looking to disconnect from the daily grind. In addition to world-class beachfront hotels and always-beautiful weather, expect amazing food, local wine and a true panoply of leisure activities. That, coupled with millennia of history, art, architecture and culture make Portugal a can't-miss stop for any European adventure.



Bask in the wonderful tension between history and the present day across Spain's multitude of travel destinations. Walk in Gaudi's footsteps in celebratory Barcelona, enjoy tapas and rioja as you channel Hemingway in Madrid, or explore one of the world's great food cultures as you venture off the beaten path in San Sebastian.


A world of travel potential awaits, and Spain never disappoints.

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