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"The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa - for he has so much to look forward to."

Richard Mullin, Origin Unknown





In Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo, the charms of the easy going Congolese make this trip truly worth while. If you are very, very fortunate and are able to plan more than a year in advance, you just might experience a glimpse of Dr Jane Goodall’s prized chimpanzee rehabilitation sanctuary –– Tchimpounga.


Further east, departing from metropolitan Brazzaville, a journey into the world of silverback gorillas begins.  Pack your boots and your cameras, as time spent with gentle families kickstarts of a lifetime of indelible memories. 


"If there were one more thing I could do, it would be to go on safari once again."


Karen Blixen


"We knew we wanted to go to Africa, but we had no idea how incredibly spoiled we would be by the magnificent vistas from touchdown to departure. Thank you, Susan!"


"Marrakech taught me color...

Before Marrakech, everything was black."

Yves St. Laurent, whose cobalt blue villa in the Moroccan city became his vacation home in 1966. Villa Oasis, bordering Jardin Majorelle.



An ideal itinerary begins in Murchison Falls, a Hemingway respite filled with giraffes, hippos, crocs, elephants, cape buffalo and more.  On to Bwindi National Park to trek in search of the magnificent silverback gorillas. This is a jaw dropping experience. One can trek for hours before arriving at the spot where a family of at least 8 gorillas have chosen to plant themselves for the day. Once there, only an hour is permitted with the family.  It is a magical hour –– a gift of time and nature. Permits are required for each day of trekking.


The number of days is entirely up to you. I suggest at least two: one for your camera and one to savor the experience in all its magnificence.



Zebras, elephants, leopards, wildebeest, black rhinos (if the gods are traveling with you), lions, painted dogs, giraffes, hippos, crocks, colobus monkeys, African buffalo – shall I go on?
And do not even get me going on the adventure that lies in the immense savannas, craters, plateaus, national parks, conservancies and, of course, Mount Kilimanjaro How much time do you have? Are you a hiker?  A mobile camp kind of person?  A mountaineer? A conservationist?  This diverse nation offers experiences from the extreme to the sublime. You choose – Serengeti to Arusha to Tarangire to Selous to Lake Tanganyika, Gombe NP and Mahale Mountains. Whatever you choose, it will not be enough. Tanzania is intoxicating! Take it from one who simply cannot get this beautiful country out of her heart.

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