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The mighty Atlantic and more docile Mediterranean hug Morocco’s coastlines and the Strait of Gibraltar seems only a stone’s throw away as one looks north to Spain. The Sahara, Rif and Atlas mountains and ancient cities throughout such as Rabat, Marrakech, Fez and Casablanca welcome visitors with open arms and plates of figs, dates, olives and wonderful mint tea.


Berbers, Arabs, Sephardi Jews and Europeans create a rich mix of culture and lifestyle.  Oh, the flavors. Oh, the sunsets and warm desert breezes! Should you choose to camp (Moroccan style) in the desert or stay in an exquisite riad in Marrakech just outside the suq or a fantastic boutique property inside the walls of the medina, it will be impossible not to be tempted to extend your stay longer than originally planned.


Do remember, however, before you begin haggling for that richly colored and beautifully woven carpet, you must first determine if the shopkeeper really wants to sell at all!  It’s all part of the mystery and charm of Morocco.

Start planning the journey of a lifetime:

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